The Immeasurable Promise

Republicans are fond of lobbing “plantation” images at Democrats, and mocking the African-American loyalty to the party, suggesting a knee jerk, blind faith, forgetting the Mississippi Freedom Party challenge at the 1968 Chicago convention and the deliberate, hard work African-Americans put in to win slots as local party officials, poll watchers, state officials, and then elected officials.

History’s biggest error is to ignore the well earned positions that blacks hold as officials esp. at the state levels, and the usefulness of these positions and contacts for obtaining basic services (water, street lights, sewer, public safety, acess to public jobs, contracts) long denied. The giveaway is the implicit and tacit assumption that the party “gives,” rather than realizing the changing history, reasons and abundant evidence that African-Americans lead not follow, can separate the present from the past, and don’t point the finger of blame where it doesn’t belong.

No one hands over power on a speech! A vote is power. For a national politician to think so is insulting. Its smacks of the plantation menality; In fact, it is that menality; that when called, blacks will come running at Romney’s convenience, without a measureable test or proof of the benefits of their support. In many states, they will have been disenfranchised by his party and unable to vote.

When you have no record of impact on communities, no record of supporting the struggle for dignity of communities, no appearance at its important holidays, no meetings with its leaders, no walk-arounds in its neighborhoods, no stops in its eateries, no services purchased from its vendors, and no players on your team–it’s really really hard to convince someone to vote for an unseen plan and an immeasurable promise.


2 thoughts on “The Immeasurable Promise

  1. in the middle where they had to work to hold office i can agree with it, it is truth, the rest is unadulterated loquacious fiction, the truth isn’t that the free enterprise system for profit has failed this generation, so far it hasn’t yet been tried.


    • I felt sad that you dismiss facts. County by county, and city by city, any active African-American can cite the forebearers and pioneers who challenged the party, won positions of leadership, learned the art of neogiating and achieved the goals that government supports. Mayor Charles Ross of Lincolnville, SC told me many times how he met with a President in order to obtain sewer, water, safety services and more. My neighbor and classmate is co-chair of my county’s party. None of these things were given as enticements. They were earned by sustained effort assisting and aiding communities and citizens, going to meetings, and taking late night phone calls. Do political work in your community. You will soon see those African-Americans who are active are leaders, respected and acknowledged, because of their commitment, and feared because of their positions. I am sad you dismiss a history and the people who sacrificed to make it come about because of your own ignorance and doubts. But your unsupported, misguided ideas can not challenge the honor due to those in the forefront of struggle, who brought real change. For one, look up the name, Judge Matthew J. Perry. Listen to the reflections of the state’s Chief Justice at his funeral, who shares how she watched him stand against not only the odds, but the power structure of his state. Listen to what Rep. Clyburn had to say. I think your words and views will change. I have offered you real evidence; I hope you will follow through.


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