The Gutter Of Corruption

And so we witness the gutter of corruption and deception, the internment and death of children become the high moral ground of politics. Lead by Trump, the children are classified as animals and crisis actors. He lies through his teeth to their face. He is busy turning every careful step of law enforcement on its head. To him, every standard procedure is evidence of a rigged conspiracy, For him, Mueller’s guilty pleas are nothing. A pattern of meetings by agents with allies and foes, promising a variety of election help is a knotted cord. He pushed the Postmaster to void Amazon’s contract, an abuse of his powers, as he claims he is the victim of partisan rage. He canceled joint military exercises, yielding to North Korea’s demand. He pivoted to protect Chinese jobs in a company accused of espionage.

Enough is enough.


One thought on “The Gutter Of Corruption

  1. What happened to all the winning he was going to do. I have yet to see any. The only false news I ever hear is coming out of djt’s mouth….


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