In DC: “Perpetrating A Fraud”

Trump’s latest episode, samples Japan’s movie classic Roshomon, and eventuates danger and disaster with three tales:

  1. The first deflects reality to fantasy and herds its audience by unresolved contradictions.
  2. The second pleas legal innocence, describing his payoff payouts over months as a family protector’s duty, even after the election.
  3. The third blames political enemies for his outrage. Good stories, with major flaws.

In other words, “I didn’t til I did; we’ll will get the facts straight, you’ll see; they are standing by me. I am mobbed-up, an American tradition–they are treating me like a witch! I am blame-free.

Trump denies his tryst but now admits knowledge of the payoff; $130,000 and taxes (IRS take note!) paid on an unsigned agreement with aliases from a dummy Delaware incorporation. His latest attorney, Rudy Giuliani reset Trump’s action values, says these agreements are normal for the rich and famous. That Trump didn’t know he was paying because his attorney Michael Cohen, on retainer, didn’t inform him (a breach of legal ethics!). How can you not know and know at the same time? What prompted his discovery after 18 months? And why lie after he did know?

Rudy misdirects public attention. He rightly denies the funds came from the campaign but ignores the critical question: did the payoff have a political purpose or intent? Paid eleven days before the election, did the silence it brought bear on the election? Rudy’s hypothetical, which supposes the nation knew, implies yes!

Rudy says all the time, the rich and famous pay extortion–a crime if the stories they buy off are false. Was Trump extorted? Is he a victim? Is he is guilty of perpetrating a scandal in office of sex, payoffs, lies and illegal acts that question his integrity and undermine his fitness in office?   



13th Century Icon of St. Michael.

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