Why Breast-Feeding Scares Donald Trump

The Times piles its list of many things: “bullying, anti-science, pro-industry, anti-public health and shortsighted,” but one word sums up its motive force: hate. Trump hates everyone but the Nigerian “hard man,” corrupt, narcissistic, above the law, misogynistic, a messenger of evil and deception.

His hate has its own hierarchy, clued by his actions, witnessed in his silence: no grief or compassion for the urban victims killed unarmed across the country, not a word of sorrow for Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez, shot in the head by a border agent; silence first greeted crying children Trump exploited to blame Democrats without cause.

What hospitals do routinely, put wristbands on individuals, read with hand scanners, has been as lost as the children deliberately hurt by the abuse of separation.

The center mass of Trump’s hate is focused on infants again, their global feeding: for “choice” HHS opposed a World Health Organization resolution in support of breastfeeding, citing the consensus research that breast milk gives human infants the best chance of healthy development and disease resistance. The US delegation forced Ecuador by threats (to military aid and trade) to withdraw the resolution before the assembly. After scrambles and nations saying no, Russia agreed to sponsor the resolution. Without US objections nor White House-directed, diplomatic threats. The corporations had lost to the Russians.

Everyone watched and knew the US backed down.

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