Democrats Can Win The White Middle Class

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Detroit, Michigan. Election of officers to Ford local 600, United Automobile Workers. 80,000 River Rouge Ford plant workers voted. 1942. LOC.

The Democratic debate represents an opportunity lost. A fight over labels misses the point: the real fight is for new votes! Trump has shown the availability of broad swath of voters who abandoned the mainstream meme and the Tea Party angst ( a nativist pretense that freedom has no collective responsibility); Bernie’s support mirrors and magnifies this new wave on the left: the rejection an inert middle, fat and frozen, deaf to real voices.

Democrats have a new opportunity to rebuild the Roosevelt coalition and clarify for the white middle class that their interests are heartily opposed at every level by the power elite, but Bernie aims his message at the banks and corporations–instead of directly addressing the point of view of the working class!

Bernie must quit being socialist light! The winnable war is the one for the white middle class, small, shrinking, but still vital–an opportunity created by Barack’s soft power approach to their hate that left clear the enemies of wages and growth (What first, Bernie: wages and growth; then how: disassembling banks and power).

Both sides within the Democratic party are blind to the new chance to win the white middle class. Its massive shift to Trump shows its disgust. The right message, clearly contrasted on wages, job growth, good schools, new goods, (and the absence of Barack!), pushed by their children can bring this swing group home to the party that built its historic prosperity.

Bernie, Hillary: Get it done!

In Democratic Debate, Candidates Clash on Money’s Role – The New York Times  (Click through for replies. /wr)

Is The Revolution Reaching The Xenophobic White Middle Class?

I agree with Richard (Luttegen): the white middle class is no longer willing to commit economic suicide, and while a large portion perhaps has not shorn itself of xenophobia and racial bias, 8 years under President Obama has left it realizing it is not race or the welfare state that is a drag on wages; it is not race or the “nanny state” that is closing producing, profitable plants, shipping jobs to China’s Pearl River zone; it is not their worst fears of blacks and minorities in power (witness 2 Hispanics topping the Republican charts!) that resulted in the loss of family net worth: they have felt the long arm of capitalism and know it has no velvet hand.
Blaming Obamacare for hours cut is a sham. No matter how often repeated, they see with their eyes: their college educated children drown in debt and work at Starbucks; in too many stores, shifts are never set; a glimpse at “Undercover Boss” tells how hard America works even as the corporations fail to keep up.

What is up are profits: year over year, they are at record highs. But Apple, Samsung, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Toyota and Pfizer–top 20 global companies–have small labor footprints, smaller in the US. Apple alone holds more cash than all but the top 50 nations’ GDPs, their total national production.

Blamed, Obama didn’t “divide” the country. Instead, he has been the object of its activation and the instrument of its recognition in our national dialogue. The stone rejected is being used.