When Free Speech Turns Deadly

Charles Blow, a moral clarion, wrote in his Monday Times column: “It is an awful fact that the most powerful man in America may also represent the worst of America.” There is a greater bottom: those on the extreme right who rushed to computers minutes after the Douglas shootings, fired up conspiracy websites and messaged calls to action–to create and invent a conspiracy determined to deny the deaths of 17 was other than an event staged by the government and carried out by actors. They assigned themselves searches and photo reviews, and took snippets of interviews while things were fluid, and assembled these bits as proof. Repeating what they have done with each mass shooting, but this time they have gone further. They are threatening the unarmed students who were survivors and say #neveragain with death.

Even if you disagree with the students quite sensible call that 18 year-olds should not be able to buy assault weapons–what outrages adults about their positions that they threaten these students with death, without compulsion or shame? Are they completely without conscience or moral inner strength?

While claiming one set of deaths is a massive hoax, these adults have turned to engage in real threats and intimidate children with real words that insult, belittle, dismiss, smear, and promise harm.

To threaten children you do not know and to call them names and threaten their lives is to be self-flagged as mentally incompetent to own a gun. Yet those who say mental health is a warning sign ignore the expressed, obvious signs! Aren’t these threats exactly the type of speech to be flagged?

The people making these threats have the same detached emotions, persecution complex, loopy logic, and the same myopic obsessiveness as the shooters. If Trump were serious about more than lip service and empty promises, he would order their investigation and protect the children. He says he would run into bullets, but he refuses to stop threats. And these threats should be flagged!

A Winning Political Issue Hiding in Plain Sight https://nyti.ms/2u3cAXt.

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