Advert Defeat And Reset

The stories that attribute defeat to a split Republic party are wrong (too narrow). Trump is not being abandoned! (Among the GOP, he polls 81%!) But in contradiction, the American people are uniting. GOP representatives feel the heat. The people are demanding “Country first” be more than a slogan for theft and bunce.

Ask the rich to rebuild America’s infrastructure on a world class scale; their names may appear. Those who participate are rewarded through deferred incentives (like football contracts). Raise wages, increase consumer spending. Secure the safety nets. Don’t cut taxes first. Let’s see some community service.

[Trump Won’t Bring Joy to Moolaville


The Chalk Dust Of American Morality

As #metoo gathers and scatters seeds, America defies—denies–its moral consciousness. Its men (many) seeking solace in a drug/ego-driven miasma of PR stupor that substitutes blindness for a blank slate. America prefers invisible to clean; a fog or a lie is its favorite fig leaf. So its “tablet” is a slate where guilt is erased but not forgiven or redeemed, a slate of dark deeds that are the daily dangers of fear; a invisible list that haunts memory and disturbs the present. A ghost of the woke.

Men do not admit this dark, sin-sick journey. Men like ob-gyn hospital department head US Rep Scott Desjarlais-TN, who had sex with his staff and patients (paying the medical society a $250 fine), supports ending abortion but pushed it for his wife (twice) and paramour. (He also threatened suicide with a dry-fired gun. He’s won 4 terms.)

These are criminal desires, this kinship with African terrorists who create vaginal fistulas with gun barrels and rape babies in South Africa. The civilized West shreds souls in screaming silence, in the surrender of men to evil.

Not one male has told the truth about the interior of this dark journey. Not one has described its traps, deception and pain, its ugliness and self-mutilation, its obscenity and cruelty. Lawyers statements are far from the truth.

[Trump Won’t Bring Joy to Moolaville