Ignorance Extracts A Toll

Ignorance has always been difficult for me to read! Having found wisdom and deep reasoning in communities described in National Geographic, in drunks and homeless persons sharing burnished honesty about their lives; having seen the imagined fears of police replayed as triggers for guns that ended lives, and seen adults smear student survivors of mass shootings, Frank Bruini’s logic, that EPA Director Pruitt’s antics of contempt would be “center stage” were it not for the Gordian knot between Trump and Mueller (an investigation in which Mueller has not given a press conference or been the source of leaks while ably gaining swift guilty pleas for real threats tied to criminal actions) is ignorance. Not just nuts, but a flawed logic parallel to Pruitt’s antics–exceeded only by Trump’s loathsome double standard of lies and greater lies.

Frank turns Mueller into a straw person and commits the worst example of blaming the victim I have witnessed! What Frank assigns to Mueller should be assigned to media. It is a media problem–a media obsession!–created by media’s corporate model of droning on about speculation while it ignores the facts and real trends.

Nothing, prevents the media (broadcast/print–and Frank himself) from illuminating new places, people, and crimes. For one, I would like to see more about the Seychelles meeting, the water problem in Flint. But it is not Mueller’s fault, as Frank implies.

Mueller’s secrecy doesn’t choose where the light goes–his silence actually makes his investigation attractive to both the media and Trump. Payoff Spanky and the media have plenty to deflect! Frank’s ignorance butchers a handy scapegoat.




Stacey Abrams Wins Georgia Democratic Primary

Congratulations for forging a winning coalition and building a path to victory in the face of the doubters and deflectors, Ms. Abrams. Kudos!

Already the media is verving off point: in your speeches and presentations, you describe yourself as a progressive, not a liberal, as the Times reporters identify. I hope the media will be accurate during your campaign to bring Georgia to a golden era of progress. A progressive for progress!

Keeping working! I am going right now to contribute. Grassrooting campaigning needs wide support!

What the Times article missed is a firm focus on Stacey Abrams the candidate rather than the matrix of numbers and historic voting patterns of blacks and whites. It also omits one essential fact: as the Democratic House Leader, she flipped six Republican districts using her template. Her plan and strategy has been tested and proven: it works! As did on Tuesday! Her margin of victory against a well known opponent was larger than 3 to 1. She won over 75 % of the vote! Look at the differences in vote totals by county if you have doubts.

Stacey Abrams is an old-fashioned politician: she transcends numbers and previous patterns the same way Barack Obama did. She is charismatic, sincere, honest, unvarnished, warm, and listens and finds a way to include everyone’s position in conversations, and more important, in policies. Her inclusiveness is real. She offers none of the meanness and dirt, the blame and scorn that is a bulwark to Georgia’s progress.

Unlike others, she avoids the numbers and goes after the footsteps. Turning out voters at the polls.


The Roots Of Injustice In Law

It took a decade for (later Supreme Justice) Lewis Powell’s 1971 memo to the US Chamber to find sea-legs: his coordinated manifesto and action plan was comprehensive in strategy and tactics, but is still relatively unknown as the template that drove corporate and wealth conservatives to put into motion the effects Paul Krugman aptly describes. The memo’s thrust was to reduce resistance to corporate capitalism by forcing workers to abandon activism and their demands for wages, liberty, opportunity, safety nets–to crush their independent faith in an American dream.

The Powell memo directed conservatives to create narratives that blamed others for America’s fallings and failings as a way of protecting power and privilege. In put in service scapegoats and stereotypes of undeserving cheats–lazy, depraved, dangerous. (Witness the recent NYC lunch-time viral rant by a lawyer because workers and customers around him were speaking Spanish; claiming he paid for “their” welfare. They were working, dude! It’s NYC!)

In contrast to Mao’s 1934 march in China, the long march of conservatives cemented their hold on power and narratives by flipping the South, inextricably merging conservative principles with racial inequality. With this tie, Trump emboldened a new mainstream white supremacy, with conservative politics as its political principles.

Justice Powell would be proud! He achieved what the Supreme Court’s greatest white supremacist Chief Justice Taney was not able to do with Dred Scott, to anchor white supremacy to mainstream politics and American life, turning it into mandated reality through executive power.

Doubts? Witness the new internment camps—for children: brown children separated from their parents, warehoused in closed, isolated Army facilities; the Obama fears enacted quietly by Trump–without resistance by the NRA, which doesn’t protect equal rights or due process, especially not for brown children who are the new chattel being discarded as waste because that is “the law.”

Doubts? Witness Trump’s silence on domestic and global violence, the interior violence which caused the deaths of unarmed infants after his Israeli embassy move. Witness his deal with China, after a $500 million outlay, as US jobs leave and wages do not rise. Witness the impotency of his tax cuts in paychecks. Witness the lack of plans for progress as he benefits from China’s One Belt, One Road, billion dollar global infrastructure project. Trade shifts goods, it does not increase production of innovation, both vital to growth. Trump’s fiat pricing and quotas preserve profits at workers expense!

Trump’s attention is to the current balance sheet. He uses its ledger of wealth and waste to give the lumpen, those dispossessed, uprooted, and cut off from the future at Powell’s behest, false hope.

More Evidence That Broidy Was Covering for Trump in Affair

The AP exposé only strengthens the evidence for my hypothesis: The first payment from Broidy came two days before the meeting that apparently helped him ink a nine-figure deal with a foreign country — a deal based in no small part on his access to, and influence on, Trump. If it’s difficult to imagine Broidy being willing to take the fall for Trump’s affair with Bechard and then paying her a seven-figure sum, it’s much simpler to imagine it simply as a perfectly timed and fantastically profitable bribe.

Read more:

Source: More Evidence That Broidy Was Covering for Trump in Affair

Comment Writing In The Times

Anyone reading my ten years of comments (remember Marie Burns, anyone?) knows I am a fact-based dialectician, with bits of Marxist philosophy (not the ideology!) combined with the I Ching (still the most complete appraisal of human options and conditions) who believes the founding political economy of race, enslavement, and wealth in America embedded an asymmetric tension between freedom and liberty (one singular/one collective).

It established denial as an American tool. Denial is a dynamic constant in America’s social and power narratives.

For conservatives, denial is masked in logic flaws and missing details. For liberals, denial is embedded in thinking in fixed blocks. In Michigan, Hillary had the numbers, but didn’t get the footsteps.

Evidence leads me not to a renaissance, but to things falling apart. A young deaf Publix punched in the back by a customer for ignoring a request as she was stocking. Trump’s plaque on the 15th hole of his VA golf course commemorating civil war deaths than records, locals, and experts say never occurred. Today, a Gaza amputee in a wheel chair shot to death [https://twitter.com/LawyerRogelio/status/996066107424411651]. I see Cassandra (snakes licked her ears!) and Pandora’s pluriverse, a multi-functioned/layered space and time of wealth and waste, hate and greed; governance and enterprises profligate and corrupt. A black employment rate whose gap in wages and numbers has not closed in 50 years, the silent cost of racism denied.

My comments follow 3 themes: presenting missed details (on Stephens, Brooks, Douthat), best plans and problems (Krugman), outside the box (Collins) and race in the larger American context (Blow).

My ideas don’t come pre-set–instead I search to recall the best details (here, the reference to Marie). I use a one level google search to find trends: the global middle class doubling by 2025 to 600 million; Brasil’s Bolsa Familia, using education to move millions out of poverty (students have to earn good grades witt health check-ups for families to receive cash assistance, which results in breaking the poverty cycle), or WVa’s Chemical Alliance Zone, an amazing cluster of chemical and polymer manufacturing exporting a billion a year.

I write about race without guilt or blame; traditionally blacks have also been America’s canaries, new trends hit blacks first! This trend of reporting people living their own lives, populist fascism, will expand–as lynching is the antecedent for mass shootings, discrimination for the way modern workers are treated (commented above); denial the source of intimidating and suppressing women–the arguments of justification run parallel.

I love finding overlooked details that reflect the whole. I love taking the whole apart into details. Finally, I love finding commonalities between differences, essences in global trends or domestic events. The media says Trump inspired anger–I say comfort in anger!

[http://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/14/opinion/the-american-renaissance-is-already-happening.html?comments#permid=27093469] Times Pick.


Walter Rhett And His Daughter, Damali Rhett, At The Opening Of The National Museum of African-American History And Culture.



Becky Hammon Could Coach In The NBA

Becky Hammon is one of a long line of women in all fields whose skills are seen as heroic rather than standard, when standard is sufficient for positions on the sidelines or in the boardrooms. If hired, will her salary be commiserate with other coaches? Will she hire her own assistants? How many will label such a hire as political correctness—the-one-side-fits-all shorthand smear so outrageous it smothers a response. Political correctness is simply another flop after at the end of a successful hard drive. It is a distraction, a deflection, a fake movement when skill is insufficient.

Of course, the question becomes how male players will react—not whether she can coach, run substitution patterns successfully. Something called team chemistry will be cited as suddenly being important; million dollar athletes will have to fill good about her role as a woman—not her skills as a coach.

Maybe it’s time the country engaged in some wind sprints to refocus on what matters. In a country where being grossly unqualified doesn’t disable our national leader, who is crude, has called athletes and countries ugly expletives, and clearly has no strategy for any quarter, isn’t it time to stop ignoring anything other than qualifications and real track records? Besides, nobody will ever spank Becky and tell the nation on television!

A Reply by me to a comment: Shamrock, how unlucky you are to miss the obvious: the column is about success, qualifications, public perceptions. It is not limited or restricted to discussing only Hammond or to not discussing anyone else, including Spanky, except in the drought of your thought. But those who cannot not think, regulate. And set imaginary rules for everyone else. So with the 1st amendment in hand, I say evidence shows daily Trump can’t hit a free throw–or run a government!



Critiquing The Times

The key fact was in the tenth paragraph? That’s neither good writing–or good journalism! Readers are not supposed to hunt for the facts of a story. In compelling fashion, the facts should sprung forth in importance, not be buried in meanderings of denials, old news, and hedges. Increasingly, its sentences poorly crafted, its subordinated elements overriding the main ideas, the Times is harder and harder to read, lacking the polished craft of sentence writing that makes ideas and details shine.

A reader should not have to reconstruct the story from the story; its elements should be clear and transparent. Organized, to point to its purpose, making sure sensationalism isn’t the strength of its print. Historic coincidences aren’t compelling–did Hillary’s investigation influence or shape Trump’s? If so, when and where. And why?

Too many Times stories sound like meeting notes!




People who live by the sea know the difference between tides and currents; in politics the two are often confused. So are their effects. Tides are temporary; they rise and fall. Trump rides tides, silent on their troughs, exaggerating their highs. He has set powerful currents in motion, powerful trends whose invisible undertow and expanding ripples weaken liberty, the freedom and safety of citizens, our economic prosperity. Our truth and morality are being swept out of public and private life, dashed as ruins from a storm. 

The silence in our souls is screaming as we are caught in the currents of a human tempest; sharp pains jab our sides; our hearts tighten in our chests. We are struck by the fury of words and acts that project unbearable hurt, our peace finds no rest.
Politics is a living force, with its own currents, we should be reminded. The current political currents are intended to kill and steal, not preserve. We face not trade winds, but tempests, one after the other, another, another. The ship of state, battered, loaded with the ballast of corruption, is adrift. Its own weapons are turned to rake its rudder; its crew profligate.

And onshore: who shot live rounds that killed unarmed children, even infants? Amputees with sling shots?

Physical death is horrific. But the currents have brought a new plague: a cloud of mortal death that blames victims and hides a deeper, more reprehensible death that deserves no grief–only an understanding of its depravity–its abject horror present among the living.



The Tea Ship, Cutty Sark.