The Angels of Emanuel AME


Drawn by Madeleine, age 7.

This drawing started at a quiet Mount Pleasant home with a simple yet difficult question by Madeleine: “Why is the world full of broken people?”

Melanie, the mother of two including young Madeleine, said while Madeleine asked a lot of questions about what happened Wednesday night, Madeleine’s twin sister Emma Kate talked very little about it.

“Why can’t the good people teach the bad people to be good?” Madeleine asked her mother, another question that seems simple to a 7-year-old mind but is anything but simple for an adult. “Just because someone is different doesn’t mean you have to do something bad to them.”

During the conversation, Melanie says her daughter also asked to see a picture of the church where the shooting happened. Madeleine also Googled instructions on how to draw an angel.

Her mother gave Madeleine photos of the nine victims.

“Madeleine wanted the Angels to be a good representation,” Melanie said.

So Madeleine armed with blank sheets of paper and crayons looked on the faces of the people killed — Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Sharonda Singleton, Cynthia Hurd, Rev. DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Rev. Daniel Simmons, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance, Tywanza Sanders, and Myra Thompson — and started to draw.

Mother Emanuel AME Church stands large in the picture, taking up most of the page. Flying above are the nine slain church members, most holding a peace symbol or a heart.

Three have their arms outstretched, seemingly welcoming an embrace.

China’s Economic Conundrum

Add in its external commitments that span the globe, financially and materially, and China has gotten ahead of itself. China saw no frontier. The Great March and all that came after under Mao made them pioneers: curious, proud group members on the edge of the future. But China’s schemes and dreams outprojected even the considerable substance of China’s material output and personal income.

Paul Krugman is right to say finding the proper path to connect the two (output and dreams) is a key to China sustaining growth, increasing and raising income, and expanding liberties. China is just learning to manage its economy on international terms, on the international platform. But its domestic push for innovation and its learning curve are overlooking the micro successes that are gateways to long range best practices. Likewise, China is overlooking its pillars of stability as it goes after growth. Investing in its stability will have a greater net effect. China must learn the valuable lesson of knowing when to leave hands-off.

Obama Says ‘I Could Win’ 3rd Term as President – The New York Times

Obama Says ‘I Could Win’ 3rd Term as President – The New York Times.

 “Its chairwoman introduced him by quoting Fidel Castro, the longtime Cuban dictator who has handed over power to his brother Raúl Castro. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, the chairwoman, hailed Mr. Obama’s opening to Cuba, saying that Fidel Castro predicted four decades ago that normalization would be possible only when the United States had its first black president and the world had its first Latin American pope.

“America has its first black president,” she said. “The world has its first Latin American pope.”