Minnie Minoso, Treasured White Sox Ballplayer, Is Dead – NYTimes.com

“Before anybody played there, I went up there and ran against the wall in left field and ran around the bases and slid into home plate,” he told The Chicago Tribune in October 1991. “The guys said, ‘Minnie, what are you doing?’ I said I was the first black guy to play in the old stadium, and I want to be the first black guy to run against the wall and run around the bases in the new stadium. And that’s what I did.”

via Minnie Minoso, Treasured White Sox Ballplayer, Is Dead – NYTimes.com.

A favorite baseball player of a young Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.




The Controversies Over Being A New York Times Commenter

I envy my West coast friends who receive tomorrow’s Opinion posts as early as 7pm PST. At 10pm EST, I can barely stay awake to type! Especially in Opinion, a lot of early comments are by readers from the West Coast; I suggest looking online the night before for the next day’s web edition; usually, it’s in place by 10p/7p, often 9p/6p.

I too have had comments say posted that didn’t; it nice to know what the glitch was–honestly, it does make you a little paranoid!

I find the Times allows wide tolerances and does a good job when a comment is over the line.

Oh, when you reply to a comment, check back. Many commenters will reply as quickly as possible to give time before comments close for additional replies.

Tips: if your comment isn’t posted, save it! Chances are, other articles or columns on the same topic will be published, and with a quick edit, you can be at the head of the line for review!

Two: the online edition has a rhythm: a reset around 10aE, another around 3pE; with comment boxes often showing up after articles post.

Three: I’m amazed that the Times excellent business section, which covers much of what the news front does, receives so few comments! Health, technology, mergers, regulations (state and federal), law suits, criminal cases, employee rights mirror politics. As a regular reader/commenter, it would be great to see more passionate insight and discussion on the business web articles–some very important and which have less than 10 comments (and business comments stay open longer!).


The Rage of Congressional Knaves

This empty rage by Republicans in the House over an executive program that receives no appropriated funds (it’s paid for by collected fees!), that is not in operation because it’s on hold as a result of a judge’s stay! It’s a non-operating program, not funded by the bill they defeated! But some are insistent that they have the power to tell the President what to say and do, and will include their instructions and demands in every piece of legislation, no matter the effect on the country’s economy, safety, or security: “Obama must be told! Without review, we have in our singular collective declared his actions (and attitudes, along with his skin!) to be unconstitutional!”

In the meantime, ISIL is fully funded, and al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and others. What happened to the terrorists walking across the Southern border?

Were they elected to govern–or to teach Obama a lesson by taking down the nation’s security, stopping paychecks, leaving gaps in the command chain, damaging the threat assessments, disrupting coverage–defunding a department for an immigration program already blocked!

What’s the priority? Kicking out families already here long term, law abiding, with children and jobs (criminals, newcomers, and others will be the priority for deporting) or keeping the border and homeland safety by keeping out those terrorists who would walk across into the US because, thanks to the GOP House, nobody watching because they saw fit to play politics with America’s security and defund its sentinels?

ISIL will be here, once they are through laughing.