Patriotic Slealth

It’s not only about the wealth! As Obama succinctly pointed out, the Chair of the Presidency is not a CEO’s job. Wealth should indicate keen judgement. Does it? Take a look in my earlier posted NYT comment: walterrhett’s comment, “Who Can You Trust,” […] It explores how the personal secrecy that represents Romney’s insecurity could end transparent, open government.

My second NYT comment looked at the fear of voters implied in the Romney’s campaign refusal to discuss his havens of wealth: walterrhett’s comment, “Fear Itself,” on Mitt’s Gray Areas […] (over 500+ recommends).

Finally, if England’s Cameron or Germany’s Merkel had millions in American accounts would they be elected national leaders? Isn’t a test of leadership a loyalty to your country and its institutions? America would become the joke of the world if it elected a leader with his personal wealth offshore. Imagine going into trade discussions with China, Russia, India, to defend and promote American policy and products. He’s compromised at the start.

Is this how he loves America?


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