Charles Blow: “Trump, Treasonous Traitor” | The New York Times (My Comment: “The Coming Collapse”)


Walter Rhett Charleston, SC
3h ago

Under Trump, black children have had police contact this summer for swimming with friends, cutting lawns by appointment, using the pool in their own complex, playing golf as club members, and selling candy, water and lemon-ade without a license. Children have been pushed, slapped and assaulted. Policies income, liberty, race and voting have changed.

Policy is also made passively, as when we look the other way, whether with Trump’s relationship with Putin, the futility of tariffs as a tax closing the trade gap, or the denuclearization of North Korea that hasn’t occurred. The problem ahead is when these positions collapse. They will, under Trump, their goals and predictions too often covered up corruption and special interest benefits to be sustained.

After Trump, a “modern, moral, wealthy nation” needs policies to create the dynamics of prosperity, a dynamic, growing middle class of working families. Racism aside, Trump has no plan or template for increasing prosperity, only “winning,” which in every case, is a step back.

Taxing trade doesn’t grow an economy, wages or jobs! What’s the plan for the billions collected as tariffs? There is no plan! Except for the hatred, it’s all a lie.
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