America’s Trading Partners Are Having Plenty of Fun Without Us – The New York Times. My Comment: “A Migrant Labor Force”

Were it not for his biases, which causes him to reject economic opportunities; Trump could establish American leadership of global food security, with an executive order. Trump direct Immigration to issue America First visas for America’s fishing waters, farms, and agricultural plants, similar to other visas for summer and professional work. Agriculture was the fasting growing segment under Obama, outpacing manufacturing, global growth expanding exports. It’s close to crisis under Trump, showing a single year 45% net income drop. Trump tariffs are raising prices on Western farmers with no plan to help, when their annual rainfall is less than 20 inches.

The best agricultural workers in the world are our neighbors. Across the country, America has lost crops in the fields. Data shows declines in production efficiencies. With a clear need for agricultural labor in harvesting, processing, packing and shipping, Trump’s racist loathing and blame blocks economic growth more than trade imbalances.

Civil disobedience is a part of the tradition of law. Those workers present themselves offer America a great opportunity.

The US breadbasket can be a global hub for economies of scale, with expanding labor and skills. Instead of immigration, think labor, low wage jobs that are difficult to fill, require skills, and create demand and prosperity. Why are farms and plants not demanding visas for food workers, our best economic bump?

Trump is not negotiating trade deals! He is setting new taxes! He is setting fiat prices–government-determined prices.

Trump is using random numbers for tariffs not tied to any plan or goals. His tariffs (25%?) raise the price of certain commodities and categories of goods, and make business and consumers prices higher. Because trade is part of the global supply chain, it resists government action by quotas or tariffs.

To expand trade, build economies of scale, Soviet gas, for example, or Brasilian coffee. This is the best path for rebalancing a nation’s trade interests. We don’t need a milk war with Canada! BMW’s largest plant, making its luxury convertible, is in a Republican state! Boeing imports. But its profits are not matched to trade–trade balances are not profits and losses.

New economic growth follows a best practices template, not trade war:
1. Infrastructure in housing, transportation, public services (talk to anybody who has landed a site contract);
2. Business clusters and supply chains (why 5 West Virginia counties lead in US polymer chemical exports);
3. Financing and regulation (West Virginia again, tax breaks must go into research),
4. Economies of scale (a powerful tool of global relations Trump overlooks that China engages).

Economics is an easy way to inflict abuse on communities with a narrative that says their abuse is in everybody’s best interests. “Deserving blame” is a favorite Trump technique. His narratives depend upon blame. Without it he has nothing to rail against.


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