From New York’s Primary Upset to Polling Data, How The Times Is Covering the Elections 

My Comment:

A Virginia transgender female, a New York Puerto Rican socialist, a full-figured Georgia black woman w/ twists, and an Alabama white male all won election victories in which campaign mechanics were key! Conversely, Georgia’s Ossoff lost when he needed only 3% more voters after the special election to win the run-off, despite a full plate of celebrities and cash.

Increasingly, campaign mechanics are a key to winning. Yet we know little of the ways operations are organized–how does earlier voting play into wins, how are registration drives working? How are campaigns organizing yard sign distribution and rides to the polls? What scripts are best for calling? How does urban differ from rural? How important is volunteer training? Are meet-ups still important? Do surrogates work? What are the key community networks that capture a wide net of voters?

I am not sure these are the right questions. But the old paradigm of discussions about the impact of victory on issues, campaign themes, and broad party politics and polls misses the commonality and importance of mechanics, both general and specific, over diverse regions and candidates!

May we see more stories on campaign mechanics, the real inner workings, so victory is demystified and the template for success is made more concrete? (Which are not the same as stories shadowing appearances with demographic descriptions and a round-up of comments!)

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