Work Force And Notes

Witness the world’s richest country attack the poor; the government’s detention of families facing non-state violence (rape and death) from gangs (growth Barack noted in his 2009 Nobel speech). America offering detention and separation to courageous families willing to work, who are saying, “we want to be–on your team!”

Workers arrive daily. Dusty, tired, slumped, meek, the women raped; families with courage and hope; their children not M-13; no Middle East terrorists found, mixed in.

Economics is an easy way to inflict abuse on communities with a narrative that says their abuse is in everybody’s best interests. He is a favorite Trump technique. His narratives depend upon blame. Without it he has nothing to rail against.

We see imaginary objects of blame and fear reoccur: the reappearance of Middle Eastern terrorists crossing the Southern border with children; their first reappearance since the travel ban. No evidence or details presented–another Trump flaw. They lack support or truth. Trudeau dishonest? How? Exactly how is the world’s largest economy, a victim?
Community Notes. Communities are angry. Trump crossed a line; this wasn’t just another “my-bad” moment. This was war on humanity. With hemisphere neighbors! And refugees and families of workers of color. Argued that “the law is the law” (stripped of context, circumstances, conscience, compassion). It puts America on the edge of the Jackie Robertson mistake. Of mandating cruelty and wasting talent.

I want get out the idea that Trump’s actions were a strategic rehearsal/push for non-lethal force attacks, domestically. If legal on the border, then legal at home. Military-civilians targeted a non-lethal force attack on citizens neighbors/families, including separation for all ages.

Test case or trial run, Trump’s rapid-deployed attack on innocents, a style of warfare being practiced on children (Syria/North Korea/Nigeria/Philippines) on the margins, attacked Latin American citizens and neighbors, and aimed a brutal blow at tender-age children. Under 12, family separation creates neuro-chemical imbalances in children that affect their cognitive/emotional development.

To their development damaged by practices of isolation and family separation universally condemned and practiced no where else among global refugee and immigrant populations, a Marine 4-Star General, White House Chief of Staff, channeling inner Marie Antoinette,  says the practice of separating children from their families is not “cruel,” the children “will end up in foster care or wherever.”


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