Policy Action And Labor Notes

Policy Action Notes. Trump loves to “throw out the Constitution” and due process and drop protecting rights (except for the NRA). His agents have human rights violations, for treatment, force, and conditions.

Labor Note. Trump could establish American leadership of global food security, with an executive order. Trump could issue America First visas for America’s fishing waters, farms, and agricultural plants. Agriculture was the fasting growing segment under Obama, outpacing manufacturing a decade ago, with population growth, expanding exports. It’s close to crisis under Trump, a single year 45% net income drop. Trump raises prices on Western farmers with no plan to help them pay when their annual rainfall is less than 20 inches.

The US breadbasket can be a global hub for economies of scale. Why are farms and plants not demanding visas for food workers, our best economic bump?

Finally, abuse is wrong even where it is not illegal. Death should not be a political chip.

Aviary Photo_131475407967700000

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