Cultural And Faith Notes

Faith Notes. Who are the Blessed? The Mercy givers? Not Trump. He prefers oppositional-defiant swag to prayer and works, his hell-raising full of loud blame never tells the full story and ignores peace, the path of the poor. Not Trump. His thrill is the absurdity that the US, the world’s leading arms merchant with record sales, is a global victim, raked over for jobs and cash.

His Jericho-in-America gives money to the wealthy, then blames nations, friends and foes. Neither prophet, messenger, or sanctified, nothing in his mind is greater than himself, including his sins. Trump believes in his own measure. He dangerously ignores any downside or complicated evidence in his decisions. He recasts limits and complications as blame rather than errors.

Cultural Notes. The new political mass psychosis is rooted in a strange place—comfort/ugliness as a life-style. Stripped of the flag and parades, of the anthem and winning, America has arrived at a point where racist inhumanity is a broad life-style, with school shootings and gun ownership and death by addiction, with mass killing teenagers and paying for silence about non-existent sex. Government agents removed breast-feeding children, children too young to know the meaning of a promised ten-minute video call.


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