Notes On Trump: Cultural/Faith/Trade/Race/Policy Action

Cultural Notes. The new mass political psychosis is rooted in a strange place—comfort/ugliness as a lifestyle. Stripped of the flag and parades, of the anthem and winning, America has arrived at a point where racist inhumanity is a broad lifestyle, with school shootings and gun ownership and death by addiction, with mass teen teenagers and paying for silence about non-existent sex. Government agents remove breast-feeding children, children too young to know the meaning of a promised ten-minute video call.

Faith Notes: Who are the Blessed? The Mercy givers? Not Trump. He prefers oppositional-defiant swag to prayer and works, his hell-raising full of loud blame never tells the full story and ignores peace, the path of the poor. Not Trump. His thrill is the absurdity that the US, the world’s leading arms merchant with record sales, is a global victim, raked over for jobs and cash.

His Jericho-in-America gives money to the wealthy, then blames nations, friends and foes. Neither prophet, messenger, or sanctified, nothing in his mind is greater than himself, including his sins. Trump believes in his own measure. He dangerously ignores any downside or complicated evidence in his decisions. He recasts limits and complications as blame rather than errors.

Trade Notes. Trump is not negotiating trade deals! He is setting new taxes! His taxes raise the price of certain commodities and categories of goods, and also make business and consumers costs higher. He can set quotas for imports, to limit supply. Because trade is a part of the global supply chain, it is very complex when it comes to a single nation’s interests.

Economic Growth is pinned to demand. New production follows the development template: infrastructure in housing/transportation/public services (talk to anybody who has landed a site contract); business clusters and supply chains (why 5 West Virginia counties lead in US polymer chemical exports); financing and regulation (West Virginia again, tax breaks must go into research), and economies of scale (global relations Trump overlooks.)

Racial Notes. The US political economy seldom explores racism but reveals racial thresholds. The black income gap (70%) and the black employment gap (2X/twice the white rate) have remained roughly constant for 50 years.

Question: Munchin and Mulvaney, “is the income gap constrained from the economy by racial narratives and white identity politics? Is the employment gap lost American productivity? Together, are they the fixed costs of racism?” The high cost to America of white privilege. Rarely discussed by men in dark gray suits.

Trump’s lower unemployment numbers didn’t change the disparity. Black workers remain unemployed at twice the white rate. Their wages are lower. Structural racism remains–a bold contradiction in the face of so many singular exceptions, which collectively have not added up to a threshold of change. The gap persists in the face of black success.

Work Force Notes. Witness the world’s richest country attack the poor: the government’s non-lethal detention of families facing non-state violence (rape and death) from gangs (as Barack predicted in his Nobel speech). America offering detention and separation to courageous families willing to work, who are saying, by their feet and heart, “we want to be–on your team!”

The workers come daily. Dusty, tired, slumped, meek, the women raped; families with courage and hope; their children not M-13; no Middle East terrorists found, mixed in.

Economics is an easy way to inflict abuse on communities with a narrative that says their abuse is in everybody’s best interests. This is a favorite Trump technique. His narratives depend upon blame. Without it he has nothing to rail against.

We see imaginary objects of blame and fear reoccur: the reappearance of Middle Eastern terrorists crossing the Southern border with children; their first reappearance since the travel ban. No evidence or details presented–another Trump flaw. The lack support or truth. Trudeau dishonest? How? Exactly how is the world’s largest economy, a victim?

Community Notes. Communities are angry. Trump crossed a line; this wasn’t just another “my-bad” moment. This was war on humanity. With hemisphere neighbors! And refugees and families of workers of color. Argued that “the law is the law” (stripped of context, circumstances, conscience, compassion). It puts America on the edge of the Jackie Robinson mistake. Mandating cruelty and wasting talent.

I also want get out the idea that Trump’s actions were a strategic rehearsal/push for non-lethal force attacks, domestically. If legal on the border, then legal at home.

I also want get out the idea that Trump’s actions were a strategic rehearsal/push for non-lethal force attacks, domestically. If legal on the border, then legal at home. Military-civilians targeted a non-lethal force attack on citizens neighbors/families, including separation for all ages.

Test case or trial run, Trump’s rapid-deployed attack on innocents, a style of warfare being practiced on children (Syria/North Korea/Nigeria/Philippines) on the margins, attacked Latin American citizens and neighbors, and aimed a brutal blow at tender-age children. Under 12, family separation creates neuro-chemical imbalances in children that affect their cognitive/emotional development.

To their development damaged by practices of isolation and family separation universally condemned and practiced no where else among global refugee and immigrant populations, a Marine 4-Star General, White House Chief of Staff says the practice of separating children from their families is not “cruel,” the children “will end up in foster care or wherever.”

Policy Action Notes. Trump loves to “throw out the Constitution” and due process and dropping protecting rights (except for the NRA). His agents have human rights violations, for treatment and force and conditions.

Except for his bias, Trump could establish American leadership of global food security. With an executive order, Trump could issue America First visas for America’s fishing waters, farms, and plants. Agriculture was the fasting growing segment under Obama, a decade ago, with major exports. Close to crisis under Trump, a 45% net income drop, he raises prices on Western farmers–with no plan to help them pay or promote, when annual rainfall is less than 20 inches.

The US breadbasket can be a global hub for economies of scale. Why arenn’t farms hiring?

Finally, abuse is wrong even where it is not illegal. Death should not be a political chip.