What Trump Should Learn From the ‘Banana War’ – The New York Times

My comment.

Charleston, SC 

He’s lashing out at the rich, those with incomes and class about his reach, since now he has power.

Trump is driven by greed, never fair play. Tariffs are a tax, a financial sting. For pain and pay-offs.

Trump’s military-civilians executed the first national non-lethal force attack on citizens neighbors/families, including separation and detention for “tender ages.”

Test case or trial run, Trump’s rapid-deployed attack on innocents, a style of warfare being practiced on children (Syria/North Korea/Philippines) on the margins, attacked Latin American citizens neighbors/families, and aimed a brutal blow at tender age children.

Sent to all corners, few shared records, under 12, family separation creates neuro-chemical imbalances in children that affect their cognitive/emotional development.


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