Paul Krugman: The Devil and Tom Donohue – The New York Times | My Comment

Walter Rhett
Charleston, SC 

Economics is one of the easiest ways to inflict abuse on communities while using a narrative that says the abuse is in their best interests. This is a favorite technique of Trump’s. He argues if we settle our grievances, we will see greater prosperity, but his whole narrative depends upon blame, without it he has nothing to rail against.

So we see imaginary objects of blame and fear reoccur: the reappearance of Middle Eastern terrorists crossing the Southern border with children; their first reappearance since the travel ban. No evidence or details are presented–another favorite flaw of Trump’s claims, they lack support or truth. We see blatant lies and smears. Canada’s Trudeau is dishonest, claimed without proof (doesn’t everyone have the same numbers?). Exactly how is the world’s  largest economy, a victim?

Using economics to end training exercises with South Korea by claiming costs were too high unconditionally surrenders to China’s military hegemony. Refusing to carry out Russian sanctions voted by Congress means Putin thinks Trump’s a joke. He’s not alone!

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