Every Fight Every People: The Spirit of the Nation





Rhett’s Premise: Archimedes said we could move the world, if we knew where to stand. Turn around from where you are standing.

Where do we stand in faith? Who are the Blessed?
We stand with the children, above the law, for our pledge of peace and honor is a sacred pledge. With The Children, being taken from nussled familia arms of peace and hope; crying, silent, sleep, waiting in lines on our borders for lock-ups of cage wire, and space on title floors. No God calls this security.

Internment camps victims, the children. Worse than World War Two!

This is how the world’s richest country treats the poor, families willing to work, who have demonstrated strength. A generational global work force in their shadows, saying, “we want be–on your team!”

Add players! It’s more efficient, it diversifies and builds income, if you integrate the world’s best farm workers and food factory production workers, from sea (fishing) to plains (farming), in the American heartland. Looking for efficiency and extreme scale, where will global food packagers ship? Through the USA!

We have space in rural areas and urban areas. Networks are easy to build.

As West Virginia’s Chemical Alliance zone is polymer and bio-chemical manufacturing and design (its clusters include global top fives).  scale ecomony, the Mighty Mississippi should be the Pearl River of food.
*(Pearl River, China, is a 20 mega-city zone with the world’s largest labor/machine-driven GDP.)

Let in this American skill set, work force! Highly motivated! And law abiding! Let these motivated workers who have come to petition that they we contribute to American life through work and taxes. They are willing to be arrested and confined, in order to submit their legal request, under US law. Can not our faith–the joy of mercy and forgiveness–our labors feed the world?

As the stars align, Boeing is lowering fuel costs, increasing size and speed. Imagine Brasil, a leading global grower, matched with China consumers. Imagine setting brands and rates for Europe, India, Africa and Middle East, the ten rising Danube States.

Imagine the US as the global food center–in care of health and taste, price, and supply, in change of distribution and regulation.

Admit these workers! Their skill set! Proven integrity! World leaders! The best global labor infrastructure to harvest, package, and ship food, physically, administratively.

The mission: traffic with Mexico is over one billion dollars a day. Build another bridge! Increase the trade! Build another bridge with Canada, too! Go world class.

Who are the Blessed? Those who Show Mercy and receive and distribute the gifts mercy provides. Those who pray. A thankful labor infrastructure, (the pizza guy), a profit and prosperity family work force. Those who do not steal. Or lie.




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