Trump: Elected And Crowned, His Lawyers Argue

Rhett’s Premise: Trump wants to be judge and executioner in the courts—of his own investigation, demanding to see evidence that breaches the legal firewalls of the adversarial system and is telling his lawyers to instruct FBI investigators he is above the law—too busy and too important to be deposed on important matters of state to have his actions explained or come under review. By his reckoning, he is immune to any accountability or oversight while in office. He is extending his right to accept emoluments at arms-length to conflating all of his personal interests and actions with the office of the President.

This means every President could transform the office into a dictatorship with unchallengeable powers. Trump is wrong. The courts must draw and set limits to his grab of privilege and power.


trump court.jpg

Seth Abramson on Twitter: “This one simple image contains everything you’ll ever need to know about Donald Trump—past, present, and future. 

Preloaded With Conflict

Trump often loads his political narratives with blame and with false reasons for success or failure. These narratives always sacrifice social liberties and center on special interests. Massive military spending. Arctic drilling. Environmental regulation. Trump’s narratives thrive on conflict. They are riddled with flaws, but rife with boasts.

Ignoring details and domestic issues, the complexity of global supply chains, the lag in US infrastructure, the urban-rural divide, education, Trump has gone after big countries, big names—ignoring domestic outsiders not part of the elite–a classic con.

No process or outcome except the one he wants is ever fair or honest. His world of perfection reflects his psychic conditions, but his ideas lack a well-ordered interior structure and are disconnected from reality. Normally, the brain is an instrument of perception, but with Trump, his impulses are all his brain perceives. Frightened by his own fears, he oscillates between defiance and aggression, declaring enemies of allies and friends, belittling people and countries to raise himself up.

As he boasts of toughness, conflates winning with progress and humanity valor with violent defense, remember Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez. Unarmed, undocumented, shot in the head for her driving dream of education and a job. Undocumented but no threat, she entered a nation she thought worth the risk, but found instead, the violent promise of Trump’s policies.


Thank you again for your clear comments, Walter. The story of the murder of Ms. Gomez is another example of the abomination that this country’s government’s policies have become. At the very least, let us all work for a blue wave this mid-term season to at least put reins on this lizard brain approach to people and ruling—to arrest what the Republican and Trump worlds have been all along, a march toward autocracy.