Jobs, Immigration, and the Law

America’s government manages a budget equal to the world’s third largest GDP—a sustained annual outlay of $4 trillion. In charge of this incredible wealth are lying thieves without moral compassion. The 30 day record of the Trump administration is one of deception and cruelty. Their goal is a greater concentration of wealth and the destruction of the safety nets, and force conformity to power. The administration views rewrite history when the President suggests he inherited “a mess.” Really?

Obama saved Detroit! The planned plants Trump brags about could not be possible without Obama’s rescue of the auto industry—the entire supply and distribution chain, down to local garages. Obama knew a country without social chaos was more productive. Trump, screaming about borders, sets off a ripple effect of disruption through the economy, a multiplier that will cost jobs and lower productivity.

Trump supporters say undocumented workers broke the law and must answer (by being separated from their children and families). The “law” once made men/women slaves–prohibited black students in white classrooms, prevented women from voting. The “law” never convicted those who lynched Emmett Till. The “law” convicted 5 innocent teenagers in Central Park.

Here’s a simple test for all who claim the law is supreme and must be obeyed without exception: two weeks ago, a team of Navy SEALs entered a country illegally–violating its sovereignty, crossing its borders without permission–to carry out a military excursion that resulted in the civilian deaths of small children in their homes at night. The US is not at war with the country whose borders its troops violated; it has no declaration of war under which to operate.

Under law, should the troops be returned to stand trial for murder? For breaking international/country/US law in killing civilians/children?

Would you send them back?

But Trump would send back undocumented residents contributing $11.6 billion to the US economy; $8 billion in sales and taxes, $3.6 billion in property taxes, undocumented residents who reside in a spirit of harmony and peace.

Which inspires the greater terrorist threat? Folk generating $11.6 billion in the economy? Or the inconsolable grief at the injustice of a US action that took the lives of innocent children?

The Silence of the Hacks


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