The Right Of The Ballot

Clear evidence of the GOP targeting enhanced voter suppression is that not a single legislative act calibrated to rectify the most persistent issue of illegal election results–not voter fraud but ballot security!

Improper chain of custody, improper security and storage, malfunctioning machines, potentially targeted software, official corruption, lost ballots, stuffed ballots, hand-off ballots are only a few of the many ways that the unaddressed issue of ballot security occurs even as voting is suppressed.

Ballot security is a backdoor that undermines democracy; yet, it is ignored. The front door, voter id, is safe except from myth. The changes of times, locations, and requirements deny the freedom on which democracy is based–the right to vote. Driving a car is a privilege. Cashing a check sure be secure against theft. But voting is neither a privilege or a crime–it is a right–the highest and most important in democratic government–and should be free from (and of!) security from ballot issues and legislated, manipulated extremes that are barriers to justice and the integrity of the right to vote!

Republicans Hold On to a Myth to Hold On to Power



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