The Race To Blame, The Joy Of Pain

Under these actions and laws being put in place in the states are not conservative policies: the shared principle is violence and cruelty. It begins with a tone which creates an atmosphere which then leads to actions and a cycle of reinforcement, because the violence is removed from the dirty hands, the violence is done in the name of the balance sheets (sometimes in the name of God, sometimes in the name of freedom) but its common nucleus is a bureaucratic savagery that is once removed from the pain it inflicts and its vicarious thrill.

The rush? Because people will resist the hurt disguised as law. Because the amoral officials who abandon the sick, the children, the elderly, those different by gender preference are in a hurry to taste their glee; for them power is not to help others but to hurt the targeted.

Trump revealed conservatives have no principles; only covering views, inconsistent, illogical, amoral; views that consolidate power and create division to spread inequity between rich and poor.

Conservatives? No. Really sadists. Imbued with power. History shows their love of hurt. Their race to blame underlines their joy in pain.

State G.O.P. Leaders Move Swiftly as Party Bickers in Congress


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