Bullets And Data


Nora, aged 8.

So Trump killed kids for laptops.

Couldn’t the same objective (information gathering) been achieved through electronic intercepts?

The SEALs were aware from intercepts that the low flying drones buzzing the village had alerted the terrorists to their mission. With the element of surprise lost, the mission turned into a furious 50 minute fire fight (against terrorists armed and strategically positioned). A $75 million aircraft had to be blown up, after it crash landed.

All of this for a couple of thumb drives and hard discs! When you use a cannon to kill a fly, inevitably the damage done will be greater than the mission and will contribute to manifest defeat rather than success (despite celebratory claims, a White House standard for every failing lie).

The strike lost its tactical advantage; it failed to abort; its extraction plan was faulty; it gave itself away by simple observation. The President finished dinner and didn’t review the plans for worst case scenarios. Later, he blamed Obama—but why rely on someone you condemned as “weak”? He who knows more than the generals proved ignorant, crass, and rather stupid. A SEAL died.

Trump has been silent about the death the 8 year-old American child (yes, her dad was a “bad”dude, killed years ago by an Obama drone) shot through the neck in the middle of the night. He give the order; the blame rests with him. As it grieves its children, Yemen clearly knows that US operational security doesn’t include their citizens or their children.





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