A New York Battle to Thwart Migrants of a Different Type – The New York Times

“New York State is a real epicenter for everything invasive, whether it’s aquatic, forest or terrestrial, because of where we sit in terms of international and interstate commerce,” said Robert Davies, director of the division lands and forests for the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation. “The world is getting smaller and one of the downsides of the world getting smaller is this.”

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“Invasive species have long been a threat; unwanted visitors, once they arrive, sometimes stay forever. The Asian long-horned beetle was first discovered in New York in 1996 and has been devouring hardwood trees nationwide ever since. In the last century, chestnut blight, a fungus, wiped out nearly all of New York’s American chestnuts, once the most populous tree in the state. And gypsy moths, introduced from France in the 1860s, are still here, decimating leafy trees.

Despite strict rules about what can be brought into the United States and the screening of goods and packages by federal authorities at entry points, the sheer volume of traffic makes it virtually impossible to erect a fool-proof barrier.”


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