Dark Horizons

Only the darkest of souls among us pretends that evil–its new expression as a structural wound to the teaching of millions of America’s children led by a stricken soul who does not know child development, curriculum, international innovations, methodology, law and security, never worked in a classroom or cafeteria–and as best we can tell, is satisfied with the mediocre performance of the sum of her blind focus on charter schools and vouchers (advancing God’s Kingdom!)–only a soul more deeply imbued with the dark comfort of indifference and deaf to the silent cries of millions of children’s potential lost–only one of the more wicked and brazened, secure in madness, sunk in the iniquitous, pledged to the vile and ignoble work of degenerate corruption, only such a soul passes from evil to evil doer.

To write politically (to even think of it in political terms!) of the loss of the nation’s children education touches a dark horizon. Mind how you step.

The Comforts of the Betsy DeVos War https://nyti.ms/2kOFzsf



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