How About A Ban On Crazy White People?

How dangerous are 7 countries who have never sent a terrorist to the US? Why are their immigrants, many fleeing war or with family here, more dangerous than countries from which attacks have been launched?

How does a President who doesn’t receive daily security briefings and doesn’t rely on the intelligent agencies (once equating them to Nazis!) know these countries, poor, war torn, civilians fleeing, are significant threats, despite years of vetting for refugees and visa reviews for others?

Is Putin providing backchannel guidance? Does he whisper to a man so germophobic he cannot touch the hands of his supporters (but evidences a desire to touch the vaginas of unknown women)? Does he fulfill Donald’s secret fantasies of power–and more?

It is clear the order is a reality based purely on fantasy! It is a power fetish. It is bold, ugly rejection of America’s values; a society for whom the risks of freedom mean demonstrating courage and answering every challenge by affirming its domestic inclusiveness, not allowing its communities to devolve into suspicion and hate. Security? Donald uses it to undermine the freedoms he claims to protect!

If anything, Donald should block and disband white supremacist organizations. The nation is under great threat from crazy white people who believe in their genetic superiority, argue for restrictions and have killed to support their cause. One of those is in the White House. Along with Putin, maybe Donald listens to him on “security.”




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