Show Mercy, But Do Not Endorse The Sin

Grant them mercy, yes–but mercy cannot endorse their sin. Forgive them, Father (Bannon, Trump, Burke, and those who seek power before God), for they do not know what they do. Some, Father, do know. (They are evil incarnate.)

But do not endorse their sins, Father; do not endorse their sin–and do not let their works darken your light and path in the world.

Two prayers:
“O God of peace, mercifully grant that your love be poured out into the world for all to prosper by, in labor and in health, in the common good and in your kingdom, in our hearts and in our actions, may love be the strong clear light that guides our lives.”

“O God, righteous and perfect in your charity, whose healing and justice are always our saving help, commit our communities and ourselves to your care, building our strength through love so that we might bear our burdens and trials, accepting all common fellowship; enlarge our hearts to receive by faith thy precious gifts, and ensuring for all who seek thee with praise at the hour of need, that in our midst, the outpouring of thy mercy and protection will be thy witness.”


The Seven Corporal Acts of Mercy. 1580.


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