The Insult As Political Weapon

The Age of Excess has also become an Age of Justification, but the main by-product of both is waste. The glut of global capital helped indirectly produce Trump by inflating those without wealth to pursue their darkest dreams, to unleash their own brand of terror and hate. Others loosened grand schemes of global destruction, bloody carnage bouncing into media consciousness, and helped open the floodgates for the poor to find comfort in their hate by identifying and proclaiming a hater-in-chief. The currency of hate is blame.

Those who didn’t have access to big banks and billions have easy access to insults, alternative facts–and like the stock market indexes, they could watch the daily stream of winners and losers expand by sound bites and twitter. Insults combine hate and blame. Insults feed the cycle. Insults are two for one. They have become a compelling staple.

Of course, it’s waste! But people enjoy watching the pile of garbage grow. To them, its spreading stench is a familiar reality they are eager to share with others. In a twisted myth, they now have their own excess: their waste belongs to the country!

Its compost of hate and blame feeds on the enzyme of insults. The narcissist-in-chief puts insults on steroids. (His campaign of security attacks the freedoms it insists it protects: the transparent stupidity of its claim is the ultimate insult!)

In a time of Excess and Waste, the Insult has become a gesture of grandiosity.

Mr. Trump’s Random Insult Diplomacy

Image: Edna Moffitt, the mother of burn victim Sharmeka Moffitt, wipes away tears


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