Kristen Gillibrand, Senator from New York

Kristen Gillibrand is the proverbial tree that can’t be moved. Guided by an inner compass that is always set on a strong work ethic; tireless, persistent, passionate, she is a self-propelled fury against injustice–recall her efforts to establish independent review and prosecution for military sexual assault cases; she opposed fellow Democrat senator Claire McCaskill (MO) on the issue (Sen, McCaskill’s plan called for keeping adjudication within the military chain of command) and she crossed the aisle to confront Republican Senators–putting them “on notice.”

She rises to the task! More than evolving, she focuses on what’s within her power, rarely plays politics, doesn’t strategize for an advantage, but reviews an issue, commits, builds community, shares knowledge and drives straight ahead.

Her youthful appearance and light voice betray her tenacity and steel. She is firmly embedded in Dartmouth’s tradition of developing strong, compassionate leaders with broad vision who are masters of problem-solving. She is fearless.

My anecdote is seeing a video interview in which she described how she was received when she first arrived in the Senate; her narrative was a detailed observation of spoken and unspoken reactions that were what you might expect (so many have gotten her wrong!). After the description, her response included the f-word, spontaneous/appropriate (not gratuitous!). It made you want to applaud.

I’m clapping for her still!

Kirsten Gillibrand and the Anti-Trump Left: 2020 Foresight?

Official Portrait


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