14 Day Review

Cabinet: Business guys who committed wage theft, foreclosed on more than 60,000 homes, made deals tied to pay-offs to foreign governments; a politician tied to insider trading on bills he introduced, another who regularly sued the agency he will run, a moderate racist in charge of law/civil rights; an Education Secretary who never volunteered in a public school, wants to privatize tax dollars without accountability and owns a fake therapy business for attention and memory; a mega-wealthy wrestling owner in charge of small business.

Advisers: a anti-establishment white supremacist and a closeted, self-loathing Jew.

Errors: The Bowling Green massacre, Frederick Douglass’ recent work, the inaugural crowd size, killing consumer fiscal protections and corporate regulations, killing an 8 year old American child–100,000 visas canceled—do you feel safe?

How long before a backlash builds? Before somebody realizes these frenzied moves make America look petty/weak? How many will die at America’s closed gates?

In a botched raid with military dead and wounded, a $76 million aircraft suffered friendly fire: security is undermining the very freedoms it claims to protect!

Shoe companies lost $450 million in savings they pledged to create American jobs before the job creator killed the TPP. Investors can lose fortunes without regress. Judges are smeared and disrespected for contested findings. Foreign leaders are attacked.Due process is constantly violated. Individuals and companies are singled out for threats and humiliation. Congress member John Lewis was attacked on Martin Luther King. Jr.weekend. Every policy rationale is built on a lie. Executive orders are written daily. Cabinet departments are muzzled from issuing information and reports.

Summary: Trump’s conflict-authoritarian model, inflated white privilege and virulent forms of racism/power are being rejected (a 1000 workers at State!) except by blind followers–and Congressional leaders!


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