Black Radio Calls It: “Class V. Trash,” Trump Talk

Three circle of ideas inform thinking: inner dialogue, social speech, and external influence. Writing, I think of words and ideas that match my understanding/insight, that will be received and shared, and will sway readers to agree with a series of views. Tump is good at only one: influence.

Rambling about The Apprentice at a prayer breakfast and saying “What the hell” after the Senate Chaplin’s remarks is only a cut above “locker room talk.” (His social speech is limited and maladroit.)

Inner dialogue, the first source of deep thinking, involves a high sense of details, an empathy for process and its steps, a tenacity for review: esp. the ways they might go wrong; esp. blind spots of self-righteousness and narcissistic self-deceit. Here Trump utterly fails. (His supporters, too, are void of empathy and create blind fantasies.)

His talks with foreign leaders show the classic breakdown of his situational ideas: he gropes things he likes by breaking normal boundaries; he breaks boundaries for things he dislikes as well. He appears constantly out of control.

He is! He won because a new principle manifested after Obama: the high-low principle. A Southern staple became a national standard, emerged from inner dialogue: the dumbest/most uncouth, rumpled, rich, marginalized white guy was just as good as the smartest/most intelligent, suave, upper middle class, sophisticated black. (Black radio calls it moving from “class to trash.”) This (smug) assurance will provide more satisfaction than jobs.

Donald the Menace [].

(The photograph below should those who even Trump is beneath; wealth doesn’t put you on top. /wr)



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