White Supremacy In The White House

How odd the role of ideas has become in the new administration! How peculiar they match the logic and reasons used to express the myths and world views of white supremacists (dark visions of violence and carnage, a movement staple) and are now given a vital role in the US conduct of international affairs. How strange that no one seems to recognize their basic flaw: the idea of security is used to defeat the freedom it is supposed to protect!

This subversive logic is a mainstay of groups and thinkers grounded in the historic notion of the heritage of European superiority. Its multiple forms of racism and white privilege defines all others as threats (not only persons of different races and religions, but also critics and opponents (“enemies”) of this dangerous, destructive ideology).

A believer and practitioner of its virulence, Stephen Bannon intends to do more than challenge tradition. A large, deep network is behind him for whom he is the point man in power. It is no accident that his first, focused efforts were to gain influence in national security, deposing superior officials. (Easy, since Trump elevates outsiders over experts and experience.) Then in league with the President, Bannon acts to create an unvetted executive order, composed in secret, hidden from department heads, whose action directly expresses a demand of the growing international, well organized fringe of white supremacy/alt-right faithful: the power to restrict the movement of target groups, to deny guaranteed freedoms. Acting on the campaign’s demagoguery and unsubstantiated appeals to fear, Bannon has seized power, Rasputin awakened.

His acts are not campaign promises; they are next steps.


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