How Trump’s White Supremacy Views Give Aid To China

The history of white supremacy (Trump’s view of the social order, along with his son-in-law and Bannon’s) shows its utter indifference to collateral damage–the conflict and chaos created by its ascension which is recycled as leverage for its support.

When the politics of hate and blame are connected implicitly or explicitly to notions of self-righteous superiority (Trump has a long history of comments and actions that measure the depth of this formation of influence in his heart and vision), power is easily looped: truth is diminished, propaganda is spread, lies disseminated; the increase of power seems the clear way forward.

Culturally, it is the power of myth. (Think Barack being a secret Muslim.) Politically, it is a dictatorship, a constitutional tyranny that uses power to put into place a social order based on restrictions rather than freedom.

China, an “other,” is familiar with this sought of thinking and knows well how to exploit it for international advantage.


Make China Great Again


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