How Democracy Becomes A Dictatorship Based On White Privilege

Fact-based government has been abandoned; its cherished principles, for decades a global shining light, are being dismantled and destroyed. The new war is raw and sophisticated: attack the principles of democracy, subvert and undermine them, and carnage among the people follows, without having to declare war. Legal authority is the driver’s whip. The new lash is like the old one: it tells millions when and where to move and inflicts pain to compel compliance, its lashes invisible leave permanent scars on the hearts and souls.

The executive-imposed travel and immigration ban is not about security. A raw, ugly evil, flag-wrapped in freedom and religion, it does does damages and misrepresents both. Power has exercised what it was to guard against: the vicious removal of freedom and the principles of law that security was to protect. Power has turned on the people without cause–and the powerful support it.

The new ban is actually a security collapse. Replacing historic principles security once defended is a decree of white privilege–the right to treat others without justice based on national origin and religion, in defiance of constitutional protections.



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