Conservatives Blame The Government When Capitalism Fails.

Again: the cart comes before the horse, in conservatives’ thinking. Those “good jobs” were part of a bubble–a labor ponzi scheme–Amway rubies–multi-leveled divisions–whose inflation (of jobs/wages)–could not last for all the classic reasons assigned to bubbles (their cycles, their imploded finishes). One test: the same happened to many dotcom billionaires who saw their valuations undergo the China syndrome (reference, the movie).

Think typical disaster: the rapid destruction cannot be restored instantly! Those jobs (or mortgages/valuations/derivatives/ratings) were never “real” in the sense of substance and time. Economies, like the weather, are independent of politics; governments can provide aid’assistance but cannot change the conditions of weather or private markets.

In the end, the private market reaped what it sowed. That’s the nature of capitalism; it trends toward putting a premium on greed and blames government for its fall. Its excesses become waste and government is blamed for not recycling its waste into even higher values.


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