A Times Reader Weighs In

If we had done some extreme vetting during the presidential campaign we wouldn’t be in this mess. Instead, we picked the candidate who kept telling us that he knew nothing about the job, nothing about fairness, nothing about respect for the law and nothing about basic human decency.

Now the chicken hawks have come home to roost, as our confounder-in-chief makes yet another massive blunder on a world stage. His every utterance causes either panic or embarrassment, causing his army of sycophants and apologists to make things worse by jumping in to defend the indefensible.

When a president surrounds himself with thinly disguised racist thugs, nodding cronies, ignorant hacks and opportunistic flunkies who will spew alternative facts without blinking, you might expect chaos to be the result. And that’s what we’ve got. It’s Christmas for crazy people, and the centerpiece is a cheese ball surrounded by nuts.

We clearly can’t survive four years of this deep, shameless and corrosive ineptitude from an illegitimate president, so the question is, how do we rid ourselves of this man? Someone needs to slip him an executive order that removes him from office. He’s probably clueless enough to sign it.

If that doesn’t work, need to start impeachment proceedings at once. Even Republicans realize that America can’t function with an ignoramus at the helm and half the population marching in the streets.


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