The One Man Who Counts (Not Trump)

Only one man counts in the New Day of the Trump era; that man (Paul Ryan) has the sole authority to bring spending bills before the House, the only constitutional body which can initiate government spending. That legislative authority, and the Speaker’s sole authority to bring before the House bills to spend and distribute $3.2 trillion dollars in federal revenues makes Paul Ryan the most powerful revenue czar in public or private life. If he can secure the collaboration of the Senate, given Trump’s inattention to details and nuances, his power will be virtually unchecked.

Never in modern times has any one individual been on the precipice of such enormous power. He can reshape America’s freedoms and public life; determine its global influence, chart its future, and lift or oppress its workers and families through legislation that spends and regulates a budget equivalent to the world’s fourth (after China and Germany) largest GDP. The federal budget ranks fourth in the world!

Keep your eye on the man who has the real prize—and who faces dispirited (some Democrats) and inept (Trump) resistance. That resistance must surely strengthen to protect America’s progress (67 straight months of job growth/low interest rates/stable social security/lower energy costs) by putting workers prosperity and security above wealth.


One thought on “The One Man Who Counts (Not Trump)

  1. I’m listening my brother. A timely reflection on the times we now find ourselves in. Beyond the karmic values of our actions, lies our real ability to form our future. One Love. One Hope. Peace and Blessings.


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