Trump, the Villain

He will go down as a feminist villain: the classic perpetrator, the text book narcissist, a serial grouper with the denials/put downs/and excuses that attempt to diminish his assaults but only damage his victims again as he attacks their worth–measured in his physical fantasies.

He is the lone wolf, difficult to stop. Calculating his chances and opportunity, he is bold to use public and private ventures as cover for his crimes. His was no secret life, but part of his public personna. He quoted tabloid copy to women about his prowess; he was sneaky and silent; he was brutal and overpowering; in every case, he thought he was entitled and he could get away (“they let you”).

Even now, he cannot see his crime or shame. He cannot see the horrificness of his public bashing of his victims in sexual terms; he is a cruel misogynist. His single dimensional thinking has done multi-dimensional damage to women, as he proclaimed their silence and their bleeding (furthering stereotypes), admitted peeking at nude teenagers (lewd and sick), and blocks the reports of friends/family/and co-workers (who refute his lies). He does not understand why his thinking and actions disqualify him for President.

His filth and chronic sadism is not fit for high office. Voters–women and men–will not let him get away.

Thank You, Donald Trump



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