Hillary: Too Calculating But Just Right

Sometimes too cute and too calculating (too eager to please!), Hillary’s conflict style–her ability to manage differences–changes given the order of the conflict.

In good times, she speaks of dreams. She offers a vision of a better world beyond the miring details that frustrate change and progress, that retard prosperity and security. (Barack consistently offers a vision of our “better angels” as he cites “work to do.”)

When conflict intensifies, she picks a side. She acknowledges when she is wrong. Her biggest fault is her most troubling: making personal decisions while blind to the politics. (The emails!) She sometimes picks wrong! (The war!) But in the management of differences, a person often changes responses as conditions become serious: given the crack epidemic and its massive violence, she was right on the crime bill; now the sentencing system needs reform.

Look beyond her speeches: her policy actions are consistent. She has not/did not “fight” for Wall Street. She has consistently fought for humane assistance/causes/rights: 9/11, refugees, women and children (healthcare, finances, personal choice), marriage, taxes.

What I remember is she came to Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s memorial service in Charleston. Barack delivered the eulogy, but she came on her own, before she announced her run, without Bill; she entered without fanfare and sat on the end of the row, alone.

That action told me more than any speech. Along with 11.5 million lives saved from AIDS.

A WikiLeaks Lesson for Mrs. Clinton http://nyti.ms/2erz4IT


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