White Privilege Is Dirty Business

Mud! Sling it, coat your opponent in it. Give it freely to the media. Point out its advantages.

Repeat! Until the process is baked. (Make sure it parallels the narrative and behaviors of those who are sullied.)

Now use political alchemy to extract mud from truth. Ignore the details. Turn strength into weakness; turn openness into greed. Never report the end results: the Clinton Foundation ensured 11.5 million African children were saved from AIDS; 90% of all its funds used for charitable purposes; fund raising costs were less than $2 per $100, according to audits. Note the absence of a Benghazi narrative? It’s been replaced by the ubiquitous emails! Mud!

The American story is now rooted and riveted in suspicion. Being under suspicion is worse than lying, worse than openly-willingly-lying-when-everybody-knows-it lying. Lying is outrageous—but bold. Suspicious is sneaky—but guilty. This election has rewritten America’s moral code, without a change in tax policy or police reform. The good are now “weak.” The decent are “politically correct.” The humane are “stupid.”

Half the country was willing to tank the election and rest on the laurels of white privilege until it became obvious the rabid phantasmagoria of evil/violence/and hate for every demographic and zip code would be plied by hands that could not be trusted.

The base is a motley crew of misfits who never felt the buffer of white privilege and are incensed that Hillary seems to have its protection. They seek the destruction of what they believe it has enabled–to put others before them.

Why Hillary Wins http://nyti.ms/2enlCFX


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