An Execution Without Justice That Heard No Plea

First, the video.

This was an execution. It was organized, operated as a team, yelled the threat words 36 times (and were safe), ignored a wife clearly repeating don’t shot him don’t shot him don’t shot him.

None of the officers are assigned to the perimeter, to warn onlookers of the danger of gunfire, none of the officers view the wife as a part of the trust builds secure, safe neighborhoods. No answer her. None. They all heard. We can hear. Over and over and over she calls to him respectfully but loudly to get their attention, “don’t shot him.”

They do. Shot him. Dead. They could find no other way of handling the situation than to put a circle of cops in an open carry state around a man not guilt or accused of many crime, waiting on his child at the bus stop and they each say for the tape, he has a gun, drop the gun, put the fucking gun down . . . Neither tape, police or civilian, the cops or his wife, show a gun.



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