A Tribute to Clarence C. Finley, 1922-2016 | NAACP LDF

Burlington Industries acquired Charm Tred in 1959, and Clarence stayed on as comptroller. He continued to rise in the company, becoming corporate group Vice President; then President of Charm Tred-Monticello in 1970. By the time he retired, Burlington had become the world’s largest manufacturer of textiles, and Mr. Finley was responsible for six divisions of the company. He was the first Black executive to rise to the rank of division president in a major multinational firm. Clarence, who broke barriers for African-Americans both in the United States military and in the world of business, supported LDF’s work and mission for more than half a century; he served on the Board of Directors under every Director-Counsel except founder Thurgood Marshall. He made his first contribution in 1963, and in 1982 Clarence joined LDF’s Board of Directors. During his time on the Board, Clarence contributed his time and his wisdom, serving on both the Executive and Finance Committees.

Source: A Tribute to Clarence C. Finley, 1922-2016 | NAACP LDF


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