The Benefits of the Faithful


Duke’s 14% is easy to explain; its example is rooted in history, in the way a racist social order is regulated. By racist, I don’t mean a code of deference and courtesy or a short sighted worldview. Fundamentally, racism is a system of oppression; its purpose is not prejudice but power–the transfer of benefits to one racial group while severely limiting the opportunities and advance of another. (How many immigrants took good paying, middle class jobs? Economics is a false flag for race and targeted economic oppression!)

Power requires a leadership structure, people who align their interests with the powerful. In the era after the Civil War, the formerly enslaved who remained on the plantations, who matched their interests with their former masters were called the “faithful.” Their loyalty was not out of fear. They rejected their identity and worked openly against community interests, supported oppression, spread division, lies and obfuscation, to receive the economic/social rewards provided by the powerful.

It happened in South Africa: several chiefs were “faithful” to the apartheid government and opposed the expansion of democratic rights and full participation for Africans. It happened in black communities where black police were more brutal than whites.

In college, we called them “Anthracites,” after the slave-selling African king in Robert Hayden’s poem. They are collaborators. They sell their souls. Immersed in greed and evil, they tell you that’s the way it is.

Actually, it’s global phenomena: it’s the same as Muslim killing Muslims–or the greater willingness of a large swath of Americans eager to commit political suicide; each example is stunning in its display of a group willing to renounce its collective interests for a path of destruction; blacks are no different. Those who support Duke think they can escape the wrath by their support–a strategy also tried and failed.

Ever “faithful,” in an environment in which Muslims blow up mosques during prayer and the president of the American Nazi party endorses Trump and sees “new opportunities,” the “faithful” class (some of whom work for Trump!) sees itself as “smart” and blames or denies the victims their actions show they are willing–and committed–to harm.Trump’s Troubles in the Black Belt

Whites here do it, too.

Meh, Old School, et al. thank you for reading and your replies.
Meh is correct! (My earlier comment in this stream addresses exactly what she describes, whites abandoning their interests to vote for the rich. []. In part, as she points out, they see these whites as successful members of their tribe–the way blacks do when an African-American achieves power or wealth. (A difference is African-Americans know when its strivers have betrayed the base of the pyramid). She accurate describes how race is used to hoard votes, also discussed in the comment linked.

Please click the link for a clear, insightful view.
Hence the support of Trump by people who have no idea what it is to be rich, but think if they align themselves with the rich and powerful, they, too, will be.

Trump’s Troubles in the Black Belt

(Meh) Whites have been voting against their own self-interests for decades, even as they economic position and lifespan decline and drug use, teen pregnancy, and divorce increases.

How to do you get white people to reject healthcare? Point out that a black man brought it forth. How do you get white people to accept healthcare in their state? Name it something different.

Even in the face of him choosing rich white guys to be his economic team, they’ll still vote for a crazy, neurotic, delusional, ignorant narcissistic “billionaire” white man to be president because he promises to keep brown people out of the country.


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