A Resounding Blow Against Denying Racism

Every writer wants to land clean, resounding blows! One of the best writer/punchers is a Texas doctor, “Propane Jane,” who puts her manuscripts on twitter and into storify. I love her work! Here’s some of what she has to say (in 2 parts, w/ a link).

“We live in a country that fights tooth and nail to preserve the myth that only non-Whites benefit from govt services. Understand that every social program in America, be it schools, water regulation, or healthcare, has been hampered by racist selfishness. To pretend that we’re going to magically overcome these racist hurdles to implement socialism far and wide in 2016 is preposterous.”

“For the umpteenth time, systemic racism is the number one reason why we don’t have socialism in America. It ain’t the banks or the 1%ers. The conservatives who love Trump weren’t hooked by his faux economic populism. They came for the bigotry and oppression like they always do.”

“How we as liberals expect to counter that level of animosity by shying away from explicitly discussing and denouncing racism is beyond me. If you aren’t starting from the basic premise that deep seated American distrust of government is rooted in racism, you’re doing it wrong. I come from a place where White ppl make it no secret that they’ve hated the Fed ever since Lincoln freed the slaves. Why not believe them?They’re also still mad about school integration and affirmative action, and they blame the Fed 100%.”

“They hate/distrust the government precisely bc it took drastic action to improve the lives of Black ppl relative to Whites. This belief system has been the entire basis of the conservative movement for 50 years now, but y’all wanna talk about Wall Street instead? I’m exhausted at the obfuscation. Some of these red states are damn near in 3rd world status because perpetuating Jim Crow is more important than having a functional govt. They couldn’t care less about the big banks because they’re already convinced that Blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans are their worst enemies. The Flint water crisis didn’t happen because of unbridled greed on Wall Street, it happened because of unbridled racism on Main Street.”

“You can’t explain away *centuries* of race based socioeconomic inequality as merely a symptom of 30 yrs of GOP inspired fiscal policy. They’re on the other side of the fence plotting a race war, and we’re over here contemplating using our pitchforks on the banksters. This new fascination people have with replacing racist motivations with seemingly less toxic greedy ones is the denial stage of White guilt. It’s ok to call the GOP brand of institutionalized racism what it is on its face. Trump proves they aren’t hiding it.”

“Who’s gonna fight for basic human decency and kindness towards the “other” in this election? If you can’t fathom why folk are more outraged by racism than capitalism, you haven’t experienced racism. Start w/checking your privilege.”

Trump’s Troubles in the Black Belt http://nyti.ms/2auRwir

A link to reading the entire, unedited work: “Clear and Profound: On Race vs. Class,” [https://blackhistory360.wordpress.com/2016/08/07/clear-and-profound-on-r… ]

(After clicking above, scroll down below the header, click the embedded code. It will pop up as a storify slide presentation.)


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