Trump: How To Up The Downside


A New Stupid is dawning in America and we stand thrilled at how low it goes. Dawns normally reach up, but this one reaches down! It is cosmic reversal! It promises to reverse the cosmos: to re-set the meaning of America: witness a potential First Lady splashed nude on newsstands (“nothing to be ashamed of”), the parents of a dead veteran insulted for pointing out he died defending constitutional rights proposed to be taken away; the dancing in the crowd at the end of political correctness. (The new birth of bias/white rights/profane rudeness/violent assaults/mob cruelty defended by a black guy with benefits (Trump’s diversity director!) whose parents were the first generation of blacks to vote since Reconstruction who suggests the vitriol seen on the Times video is all made up!)

Paradise is lost when integrity is lost. Police actions cross the line when justice is out of balance. Terrorism occurs when the lies used to win are incapable of our defense. And in our grief, terrorism seeks to put the pillar of truth out of reach. We have politicians who demand we say, “radical Islamists.” But they cannot say the names, “Trayvon Martin. Mike Brown. Walter Scott. Eric Gardner, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Philandro Castile.

Then there is the Senate. The legislative home of Calhoun and Clay, of Webster and Hayne, of Thurmond and Kennedy, of Byrd and Bilbro. Dear voters, you have the sacred chance to set the sun straight and decide who is in the Senate!

Ancient man was in harmony with the vast cosmos and the immediate environment—called “habilius,” he/she “saw” tools, constellations, medicinal plants; created education/a moral code, ventured globally, protected the young, shaped benefits without destruction. The routes of the Silk Road, a thousand year connection existing until the 1450s in which trade, travel, and an exchange of ideas flourished East to West and South (into Africa) rested on the shared work of conscience.

Stone carvings found in South and Central America suggest respect and honor were given to other cultures; diversity was valued and celebrated by the ancients, They relished the exchanges and engagement of expanding wisdom about the living universe through things that appeared different but underneath were bound by common values and principles, a limitless creativity pointing to a godhead for all, benevolent in the ways in was adored.

I think the (modern) thinking side is the reptilian. It twists and slithers past logic and truth, exploded the ways we can be duped; it has removed the stain of evil; it manipulates rather than creates. Perhaps we are failing the final test. We seldom look within. And when we look without, we too often use our brain to blind ourselves. (Blind mules have more sensitivity.)

Desperately Avoiding Donald

“Paradise is lost when integrity is lost~~”. Prescient, is one of your attributes.

~~Mr. Rhett, your posts are always rewarding to read, but this one almost made me cry.



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