This Isn’t Kansas Anymore

This isn’t Kansas anymore. Kansas tanked, nearly collasped when it became the first state to adopt the grand experiment of prosperity: massive cuts in government and taxes, intended to propel growth and attract businesses that would create a prosperity boom. Kansas is still waiting. As it does, Kansas’ job growth and basic public services such as education are worsening. Kansas, in near crisis, is slowly sinking into an economic morass that may take years to overcome.

The governor blames it all on international markets, but the program was never intended to increase foreign investment. It was to be a boon for local communities, where it has failed.

The first failure of the prosperity orthodoxy was the idea, that tax cuts would pay for themselves. The second failure was the notion cutting the government’s budget would force hard choices but provide new options for citizens within the political economy. By every measure, the ideas failed dismally, statistically. But the Republicans have been unable to admit the massive fail. Yet the most important lesson of this case study of failure is found in its aftermath.

Every compromise they seek only deepens the hole.

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