In politics, we too easily accept the superficial. Our ideas are not anchored deep. But America’s political bedrock is race.

But racism, the system, no longer needs its old voices, as Trump’s revives its traditions. Racism, the system, no longer revels in individual or collective hate. It has moved to where the fight is now: in the corridors of power. Mob action is no longer demanded; legislation is the new battleground. Trump is leading renegade troops last seen at the end of the civil war, fighting to protect the lost cause.

The strength of racism, the system, is the ability to reform the absurd into a thousand rationales, recreated for new eras and specific circumstances.

Of course, to protect power, racism will generate bias. (Most people think bias comes first!) Stereotypes of incompetence attacked Obama’s power, bias cranked up to support Republican demands he refused.

Racism also has a silly side, a stupid ugliness. Someone needs to tell Bill O’Reilly Africans had ample nutrition and were not standing on the shores with signs saying, “Will work for food.”

Most political discussions are in one dimension; racism requires two. The political economy of racism requires not only charting the changing height of the tide (economics), but the intensity of the current (culture). As the GOP was poised to gain control of cash equal to the world’s 3rd largest GDP, Trump veered off course. He restored the old forms most Americans resist.

Trump Reflects White Male Fragility


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