David Brooks is a smart guy who writes under his brilliant potential. Tragic he refuses to see the darkness around Donald Trump, who exudes his self-absorbed need for the spotlight into a vision of national shadows. The exposed big fail of the Trump campaign is the media’s—David’s–inability and unwillingness to report, unvarnished and unbiased, exactly what they see. That is a man so obviously incompetent, so incapable of multi-leveled reasoning, so unwilling to understand the basics of courtesy, respect, decency, so naive in his worship of strength without taking note of its content, that he, by any measure, is unfit to be President.

The guffaws, ramblings and bluster, the invented descriptions and details he shares point to mental health issues that might be functional in the private sector but are dangerous in public life.

Not his latest political slam of his own party, not his passive acceptance of his wife’s nude photos (twice!) on tabloid covers (strangely, Trump was silent), not his inability to see racism in his world view, not his utter disregard for the constitution, not his wounded invention of being “viciously attacked” by the cold truth of grief are the issues; these examples simply collectively point to the man being unstable. Not the fact that he doesn’t have the depth or breath to govern or the internal standards for conduct–he, himself, Donald Trump, is not fit.

It is a stretch to stretch the idea of who can occupy the White House to fit Donald Trump.

Trump’s Enablers Will Finally Have to Take a Stand http://nyti.ms/2bcrTjB. (Click to read replies.)


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