And where, pray tell, are the demonstrations–even a single example–that “he doesn’t listen” is a “demonstrable lie”?

I am glad to point it out: like Trump, you lie (hopefully, unintentionally!) about whether he lies!

Pray tell, here’s both logic and evidence: Trump was completely deaf in understanding the flaws of cause in his argument that a judge of Mexican heritage, born in Indiana, appointed by a Republican, was inherently biased. He could not hear that people of all backgrounds can be fair and objective, not just white males.

Trump could not hear the contradiction Mr, Khan pointed out: banning travel based on religion or national origin violates the constitution he son died defending. He could not hear the response many Muslim women (doctors/teachers/speakers/business owners/fitness coaches) shared with him about his mistaken assumption Muslim women exist within a culture of silence and subservience, as they used a hashtag on Twitter (Trump’s favorite social media), ironically called #CanYouHearUsNow and loaded it with photos, videos and texts responding to his statements.

The most obvious example of Trump’s failure to listen is his inability to stay on message, despite the insistence of his campaign!

But nothing indicates his deafness like repeating a lie the campaign has acknowledged as an error–the plane landing with money in Iran and adding to the lie his campaign acknowledged details and assumptions that lead to more invented conclusions.

You may believe Trump’s lies, and ignore the truth, but you can’t change the facts! Trump lies!

I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.



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